How Much Disk Space Is Available On Event Gallery?

Pro plan - 50GB

Pro Plus plan - 100GB

Enterprise plan - 500GB

What Sharing Options Do I Have?

Event Gallery is great for social sharing. You can share via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, or old school email.

Can Photos Be Downloaded?

Yes! When you’re creating a gallery, you can adjust settings to enable or disable individual image download and full gallery download. For the full gallery, you also have the option to password protect the download.

Can I Use A Custom Domain?

Event Gallery Pro users are able to add a custom domain for their account - your clients will never even know that you’re using our app!

How Can I Upload Photos?

Photos can be uploaded from any local device and through Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

You can also upload directly from Darkroom Software products by linking the apps using your unique API key.

Can I Make My Galleries Private?

Of course! You can password protect your galleries and even hide it from the public index, so only those with the URL have access.

Does Event Gallery Support MP4s?

We fully support MP4s! We also create GIF assets from the MP4 for optimised web viewing so that your galleries look lively and animated.

Can I Use My Own Logo And Icons?

You can completely remove all Event Gallery branding and replace it with your own! You can add your own logos and icons to the entire gallery page, and even at the individual gallery level. This means that your clients can have their own event branding for their galleries.

Can I Enable And Disable Sharing Methods?

Yes, this can be done when creating or editing an individual gallery under ‘Advanced Settings’. You can pick and choose what combination of sharing options you would like to offer guests.

Can I Watermark My Images?

Protect your images by adding either a text or image watermark to them directly - all from the app. You can write your own custom text and select the font and color, or upload an image from your device. For both you can adjust the scale, opacity, and select the watermark's placement.

What Data And Analytics Are Available?

In your account settings, you can view either the gallery statistics or usage statistics.

Gallery statistics show you the gallery views, image views, downloads and shares.

Usage statistics show you the storage used, the number of galleries and the number of images.

Can I See How Much Storage I Have Left?

You can view your storage usage from your account settings. Disk space usage can be seen under Plan & Billing or Usage Statistics. From Usage Statistics you’re also able to view the space each individual gallery is using by selecting it from the drop-down menu under ‘Usage Details’.

What's Event Gallery all about?

Amazing image hosting designed for photo booth professionals.

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